Research Through Arts-Based Narrative Inquiry

6 mars 2019 · 12:00 à 13:30

Join the Research Centre on Social Innovation and Social Transformation for a presentation and workshop exploring arts-based narrative inquiry with Jessica Sokolowski. As a methodology, it offers innovative techniques to broaden the experience of interviewing by surfacing narratives through the art of storytelling. Narratives are made up of stories, and stories are a way in which we understand ourselves, our lives, and how we fit into the continuum of the world around us. By being open to multiple mediums, we as researchers can create a richer and more meaningful experience for both the participant and the researcher.

Jessica Sokolowski is a PhD Candidate, elementary educator and part-time professor at the University of Ottawa. Her research interests include narrative inquiry, literacy, story-telling and arts-based learning. Currently Jessica is working on her thesis entitled Entangling Our Stories: A Journey Through the Experience of Arts-Based Education where she engages participants retrospectively on their former experiences of learning in an arts-based secondary school program. The findings from this study will be represented as a fictive novel.