Services Offered to Members

Idea Lab (Free for members and potential members)
Personalised session according to members needs. A brainstorming and orientation session to plan the next steps for your organization
(Length: 2h, Individual session upon request)

Workshop Series (free for members and potential members, as well as paid general entry)
Series of workshops on key themes surrounding the creation and development of a project or business. These workshops can be taken individually or as a series

  1. Developing my idea
  2. Developing my project (canvas)
  3. Plan d’affaires
  4. Market Studies
  5. Promotions and Marketing
  6. Finances (Budget and Administration) 
  7. Statuts Governance, incorporation and statutes
  8. Where to get financing

(Length: 2 hours, one workshop per month)

Incubateur Program (Open to members following a selection process) (Coming Soon)
Interested parties may go through a selection process and commit from start to finish, to develop their ideas and be supported  along the way (See Trillium’s request form)
Intermittent follow-ups on the projects with a series of workshops and individual sessions to develop an idea, initiative, social enterprise, etc.

Mentorship/coaching and pairing programs (members) (Coming Soon)
Mentorship or coaching : Coaching for developing projects, either projects that have already gone through the Incubator program, or for existing projects, further along in their development, needing more personalized, concrete guidance and advice(offered by the Atelier)
Pairing : Create links between projects and experts in their field. We could work work with partners and volunteers, to have a list of people ready and willing to give their advice to the initiatives, organisms and social enterprises.( Offered by our partners)

Consultation Session (Free for members)
Personalised session with a panel of experts (professors, specialists, entrepreneurs, consultants, etc.) to advise on a specific subject affecting the members’ project or organization
(Length: 2h, upon request)

Events (Public events)

  • Networking events
  • Films +  discussion
  • Conferences with experts and sharing of experiences from Entrepreneurs, organisations, professors, etc.)
  • Tour of cooperatives and social organisations in the region

Possibility to apply for financing (members)

  • Twice per year, have the possibility to apply for a grant
  • Continuously have the possibility to apply for smaller grants