School of Social Innovation Programs

Many aspects of our programs make them distinct from those of other schools, namely the combination of human sciences and management; the articulation between theory and practice; the presence of a collaborative workspace (the Social Innovation Workshop); an innovative pedagogical approach; and a commitment to social justice and transformation.

Baccalaureate in Social Innovation (BA)

A four-year undergraduate program that offers a solid foundation in human sciences and management. These courses will allow you to understand the issues facing society, to know which solutions are most pertinent, but also how to launch an organization, how to balance your budget, how to find collaborators, and how to effectively manage projects. Two years of courses are taught in blocks. We leave the classroom to see what’s happening in the field, we work on projects at the Mauril-Bélanger social innovation workshop, we work intensely. A program conceived for those who want to build or work for an organization that changes the world.
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Graduate Diploma in the development of social organizations (Graduate Diploma)

A short post-graduate program to train professionals specializing in the creation, transformation and democratic management of social organizations. Whether you work in a social organization or whether you wish to launch a new project, or even if you’re looking to make a career change, this program may be of interest to you. More details on the program and the courses

M.A. in social innovation

A M.A. program directed at a specific clientele: people interested in working towards social change, and people already working in that domain that wish to acquire skills in academic research and analysis of innovation and social transformation. The program, based on the linking of theory with practice, provides students with the main analytical frameworks and approaches needed to meet the current challenges facing social organizations.  More details on the program and the courses

Ph.D. in Social Innovation

Will open in September 2022.

Certificate in Social Innovation

A short undergraduate level program that allows students to acquire a solid foundation in a constantly changing field. This program covers some of the central themes in social innovation, from theories of social justice and critical thinking, to studying social movements, democracy, citizen engagement and the social and solidarity economy.
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