There’s no one single path to change the world, but what about roadmaps, built from those at the grassroots and on the frontlines of social transformation?
Practical examples and advice for those who want to transform the world. We ask simple questions and track down folks with concrete answers.

Produced by Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation, in collaboration with Magnéto.
Sound recording and editing: Carlos Mondragon, Amaranta Quintana Vasquez and Simon Tremblay Pepin.
Hosted by Amanda Wilson.

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How to re-build our food system

Our current food system faces many challenges - environmental, social and economic. We speak with three individuals who are actively working to transform our food system to one that is just and equitable for all.

Featuring Adrienne Lickers Xavier (Our Sustenance/Queen's University), Leticia Deauwo (Black Creek Community Farm) and Gabriel Allahdua (Justice for Migrant Workers).

How to re-imagine the good life

What are the things that we value in our current society; growth, productivity, efficiency? These are the very things that drive many of the problems we see today. If we are seeking to transform the world, we must also transform the core values and assumptions that underpin our institutions, systems and relationships. We speak with Hartmut Rosa, German sociologist and philosopher, who has written extensively on these questions and proposes a new basis for a "good life": the idea of resonance, not growth.

Trailer – Season 1

Starting in January you'll find 4 episodes on conceptualizing the good life, re-building our food system, organizing against Ford and Indigenous resurgence.