Anahi Morales Hudon

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Sociology, McGill University.

Anahi Morales Hudon holds a doctorate in sociology from McGill University and specializes in the study of social movements and intersectionality. Her doctoral research focused on the struggle of indigenous women to build organizational autonomy in Mexico. Anahi Morales Hudon has published articles in: Canadian Journal of Political Science (2017), Journal of Latin American Studies (2015), Sociology and Societies (2012), Feminist Research (2011). She has also done comparative research of indigenous women’s movements in three Latin American countries with Stéphanie Rousseau, which was recently published with Palgrave: Indigenous Women’s Movements in Latin America: Gender and Ethnicity in Peru, Mexico, and Bolivia (2016).

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Jonathan Durand Folco

Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Laval

Jonathan Durand Folco specializes in the study of participatory and deliberative democracy, economic and social ethics, philosophy of the city and political ecology. In addition to his many diverse publications (scientific articles, book chapters, citizen memoir, blog posts, newspaper articles, oral communications, etc.), he helped set up the Union of Popular Knowledge of Quebec and the journal Milieu(x). His current research projects focus on digital democracy, urban social innovations and the commons-based transition.

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Philippe Dufort

Associate Professor

Ph.D. International Studies, Cambridge University

Philippe Dufort holds a PhD in International Studies from Cambridge University in the UK with a specialization in Strategic Studies. His current research focuses on the theoretical underpinnings of strategic innovation, as well as contemporary forms of state capitalism and its geo-economic consequences. He was the founding director of the Élisabeth Bruyère School of Social Innovation in 2016. He was also Associate Editor for the Cambridge Journal of International Affairs, a political analyst at the Canadian Mission to the European Union, as well as an human rights observer in conflict zones.

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Simon Tremblay-Pepin

Assistant Professor and Director of the School of Social Innovation
Ph.D. Political Science, York University

Simon Tremblay-Pepin holds a PhD in Political Science (York). He specializes in the study of linkages between the economy and democracy, a topic that was the focus of his thesis and a series of publications. He has been active in starting and consolidating many social enterprises and cooperatives. He has also published numerous research reports on Québec’s public finances. He is the author of Illusion: petit manuel pour une critique des médias (Lux, 2013) and has coordinated Dépossession: une histoire économique du Québec contemporain 1. Resources (Lux, 2014).

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Amanda Wilson

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Sociology, Carleton University.

Amanda Wilson holds a PhD in Sociology, with a Specialization in Political Economy. Her areas of research include the food movement and alternative food networks, co-operatives and collective organizing, and questions related to prefiguration and enacting a politics of possibility. Prior to joining the School of Innovation at Saint Paul University her undertook a community-based PostDoctoral Fellowship at Lakehead University’s Centre for Sustainable Food System Research and Engagement, working with Food Secure Canada on food movement mobilizations in national food policy. She has published in both academic and non-academic outlets, including Antipode, Engaged Scholar, BriarPatch, Labour Notes, IPolitics and The Conversation, and recently co-edited a Special Issue of Canadian Food Studies. Outside of academia, she has worked with several non-governmental organizations in the areas of policy analysis, research, network coordination and popular education, and previously co-owned a small-scale organic vegetable farm. She is a long-time activist and community organizer in Ottawa.

Jamel Stambouli

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Management, HEC Montreal.

Jamel Stambouli holds a PhD in Management. His doctoral research explored the importance of sociocultural factors in organizations and discussed the influence of spirituality and religious values ​​on entrepreneurs and management organizations. Many of his writings have been published in the form of reports and book chapters. His current research interests include social entrepreneurship and the development and management of social and solidarity economy organizations. He has professional experience in the industry and has been a consultant to both national and international organizations. He has also acted as a coach for several entrepreneurs.