Transforming Organizations Research Opportunity

Interested in helping your organization change and transform?

The Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation, in partnership with the The Atelier are offering an opportunity for Ottawa based organizations to participate in an action-oriented research project to help you explore new solutions!


About the opportunity

Organizations can take many forms and most will undergo considerable transformation throughout their existence – from periods of growth, turnaround and consolidation, to new management and ownership structures, to succession and dissolution if necessary. 

Graduate students enrolled in the course Organizational Consolidation and Transformation will be studying and examining how different types of organizations encourage or limit social change, and how social change occurs within organizational structures.

As part of their course requirements, students will lead a research project throughout the term to assist an Ottawa based social organization in addressing challenges and/or identifying new opportunities for transforming/improving their organization as a vehicle for social change.

Projects will take place during the Fall 2023 Term (September – December) and organizations can expect final reports to be shared by mid-December. 

To participate:

  • Organization must be engaged in social innovation – see definition of social innovation here
  • Able to clearly articulate an area of interest/need related to their organizational structures or practices
  • Make a staff person available to liaise with student researchers and provide access to information as required
    • It is estimated that there will be 2-3 meetings with the student researchers (zoom or email) to gather information and discuss details of the project
    • It is possible that students will propose data collection methods such as a survey, interview or focus group which might involve other members of the organization
  • Available November 29th (TBC) for an in person Showcase event (at the Atelier) to hear preliminary results

If interested or if you have questions, please contact:
Jenn Bruce, PhD Candidate
Part-time Professor, School of Social Innovation

Interested organizations should contact Jenn before September 11th

If interested, you’ll be asked to complete a quick online form so I can learn more about your organization and where your interests might be! This will help to pair students with you for the project.