Call for papers - CRITS 3rd Annual Symposium

1 June 2021 · to

Power relations in organizations
November 4th and 5th, 2021
(Online conference)
New deadline for submission of proposals: September 8, 2021

This year’s annual CRITS conference focuses on power relationships in organizations. The symposium aims to provide a space for dialogue and knowledge sharing among practitioners and researchers from diverse backgrounds on the issues, challenges and organizational practices around power issues in organizations. We also seek to initiate a dialogue on management models that could foster better democratic practices; on the challenges of the tension between collaboration and competition experienced by social organizations; and finally, on the concrete changes that emerge from transformative practices.

The contributions to this symposium will be organized under three main headings:

AXIS 1: Management models, governance, and democracy
This axis will discuss the different models and practices aimed at making organizations more democratic, both at the theoretical and practical levels. Models or approaches such as democratic governance, self-management, shared leadership and inclusive leadership will be discussed.
More specifically, under this axis, the selected contributions will allow to discuss and share experiences of putting into practice inclusive approaches that aim at questioning power relationships in organizations.

AXIS 2: Power relations between organizations
This axis aims to highlight experiences of inter-organizational collaboration and/or conflict. We will discuss the processes of setting up collaboration between organizations of the same sector. To rethink the current dynamics of competition in order to allow for better partnerships that aim for a greater social impact. This axis will allow to discuss and present, for example, the relationships between organizations in an alternative ecosystem. It will also be the space for a focus on the issues and challenges those interactions between organizations can bring.

AXIS 3: Organizational transformation practices
This axis will address the various transformation initiatives that seek to rethink power relationships in organizations (e.g.: liberated enterprise, opal, horizontal, self-management). It will be an opportunity to critically evaluate their transformative potential and their impact, particularly on issues of systemic discrimination. This axis will also provide an opportunity to discuss practices and challenges to support efforts to transform power relations in organizations. For each axis, we encourage contributions based on field experience and research based on empirical work. We also invite proposals that seek to take a critical look at practice. Finally, issues of measurement and evaluation of practice are welcome.

Responsible for the symposium
Jamel Stambouli, Saint Paul University
Anahi Morales Hudon, Saint Paul University
Luc Audebrand, Laval University
Myriam Michaud, Laval University

Presentation of contributions
Proposals should include:
Abstract (300 words)
Choice of focus (Axis)
Name and contact information (affiliation and email)
We accept proposals in both French and English.

Proposals must be sent by September 8, 2021, to the following address:

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