The Foundations of Strategic Innovation and Transmission of Military Knowledge

Since the late 1990s, Israeli military thought has been influenced by postmodern influences such as Deleuze and Guattari. Dangerously innovative thinkers have since struggled to integrated their conceptual innovations into their institutions, and, as a result, have expanded their informal influence into American, Australian, Canadian, Polish, Hungarian, Colombian and other Western militaries. While not always acknowledged officially, a transnational network of military practitioners has emerged from this initiative and is now influencing the operational conduct and the education of personnel military in many Western countries. Previous phases of this research project developed a better understand this network (see The latter is an informal but exceptionally disruptive network of defense personnel and defense scholars. This research project aims to catalogue, and translate some of the most effective military practices in ways that are useful to social movements. This research project aims to continue cataloging military practices that allow strategic innovation in their epistemological, ontological and practical dimensions, with the aim of translating them into forms that are comprehensible, diffusable and useful for social movements seeking social transformation.