Emancipatory social innovation: neopolanyian theoretical foundations

Abstract: Our times are characterized by a deepening of intertwined crises: a crisis in the structures of economic regulation, a wage crisis, an ecological crisis and a democratic crisis. In this context, social innovations supporting intrasystemic transformations are still necessary. However, it is now urgent to support practices aimed at systemic transitions. In fact, the crises that are unfolding are challenging the macrosocial foundations of our societies as much as the usual theoretical foundations of the sub-field of Social Innovation. This CRITS Research Note aims to theorize and disseminate some of the tacit knowledge of social innovation practitioners focusing on systemic transitions. By mobilizing Nancy Fraser’s Neopolanyian Critical Theory, we are developing the Emancipatory Social Innovation (ESI) school of thought in order to respond to the specific problem of the current mismatch between the theories and practices of transsystemic social innovations.

Keywords: Emancipatory Social Innovation, Systemic transition, Capitalism, Organizations, Strategic practices. Emancipation, Social protection, Commodification, Heterodox political economy.

Research axis :