Hosted Projects

Habitations Partagées Mirela

Habitations Partagées Mirela is an alternative model of supportive and affordable housing that matches two or more people with complementary affinities and needs - one with presence and support, the other with affordable housing.

A project by Mireille Leroux, Megan Sicard et Pascale Thériault

BIG 60

BIG 60 is a one of a kind bilingual manual on how to reduce consumption and waste.

A project by Laurence Pecharde and Philou.


9-month program for companies and organizations in Quebec and Ontario to improve their growth, sustainable best practices and employee engagement simultaneously.

A project by Laurence Pecharde, Carole Doussin and Clara Dubernard

Centre Intergénérationnel

Offer residents of Gatineau a gathering space guided to live a better life together.

A project by Rosa Marta Vazquez, Alejandra Mimiaga, Amaranta Quintana and Mélanie Leduc

Mitti Connection

Taking the time out of your life to change lives

A project by Ajmal Hashmi

Integral Health Cooperative

Construction of a network of integral public health cooperative.

A project by Eve-Lyne Clusiault

Neighbors at Work

Good informations for better development: a well informed newcomer contributes positively to the development of the Canadian community

A project by Guido NIYOKWIZIGIRA

Prayers Made Easy

Building divine connection through technology.

A project by Ajmal Hashmi