International symposium – Planning, democracy and post-capitalism

From 3 July 2024 to 5 July 2024

As part of the XIIIth congress of the Association française d’économie politique (AFEP), “Is planning possible in the face of crises?”, the Research group on democratic economic planning of the Research center on social innovation and transformations (CRITS) at Saint Paul University, is organizing the international symposium Planning, democracy and postcapitalism. The symposium aims to bring together researchers working on democratic economic planning from a post-capitalist perspective. Postcapitalist political economy is concerned with all thinking about the political and economic functioning of a society that voluntarily evolves outside the institutions of capitalism. The colloquium takes place in Montpellier, France, from July 3 to 5, 2024.

Interpretation from English to French and French to English is available for all panels.

Detailed program

Wedn. 3 July

Samuel Decker, Planning and Transformation
Heiner Koch, Socialization as a modular form of realizing planned economy
Simon Tremblay-Pepin, Transitionner des modèles aux modules pour penser la pluralité des propositions post-capitalistes

Facilitation: Ellen Russell

Max Grünberg, Economics of Scarcity: A Mode of Productionin Search for Allocative Efficiency
Stefan Meretz, Replacing the whole capitalist stack
Jean-François Colomban, Le maintien paradoxal d’un système de prix dans la pensée d’Otto Neurath

Facilitation: Mathieu Dufour

Ferdia O’Driscoll, The Multi-Index Society: Unit of Account in Postcapitalism
Leone Castar & Alejandro Ruiz, Social Eyes and Observables: Learning to See Human Need in a Postcapitalist Society
Jakob Heyer & Walther Zeug, Sustainability Assessment and Cybernetic Planned Economy

Facilitation: Mathieu Dufour

Join us for an informative but still informal and festive event to celebrate the launch of the International Network of Democratic Economic Planning (INDEP). This will be an opportunity to meet other people interested in researching and promoting democratic planning. Some food will be offered, and a brief presentation of our network’s aims will be made.

Thur. 4 July

Simon Tremblay-Pepin
Géraldine Rieucau
Marta Papalardo

Sophie Elias-Pinsonnault, Intégrer la dimension écologique tout au long du processus de planification démocratique
Elena Hofferberth, Planning beyond growth: The case for economic democracy within ecological limits
Dougie Booth, Carbon constituencies and the transition towards a democratically planned economy

Facilitation: Maé Geymond

Frid. 5 July

Ellen Russell, Democratic Economic Planning and the problem of Economic Expertise
Christoph Sorg, Post-capitalist reproduction: Domestic realism in the planning debate
Mathieu Dufour, Quelle fonction pour les prix dans la planification démocratique ?

Facilitation: Simon Tremblay-Pepin

Alexandre Michaud, Imaginer les pratiques postcapitalistes à travers l’histoire de l’autogestion québécoise
Rabea Berfelde, From Socialisation to Planning and Back Again. On old and New Debates on Economic Planning and Socialisation
Fabrice Flipo, Peut-on planifier l’invention d’une société écologique? Par-delà le marché et le plan

Facilitation: Sophie Elias-Pinsonnault