A brief sketch of three models of democratic economic planning

Abstract: Between 1988 and 1993 three models of democratic economic planning were designed by Pat Devine (joined later by Fikret Adaman), Michael Albert & Robin Hahnel and Paul Cockshott & Allin Cottrell. These three models are called negotiated coordination, participatory economics and computerized central planning. They are still at the center of the discussion about what a postcapitalist economy should look like. The goal of this research note is to give a short but clear presentation of their main institution and their functioning. A diagram of each model’s annual planning and a detailed glossary divided by model accompanies the presentation to make the argument clearer. We abstained to relay or formulate any criticism of the models and only tried to present them as clearly as possible. To our knowledge, this is the first publication presenting the three models’ side by side.

Keywords: democratic economic planning, postcapitalism, negotiated coordination, participatory economics, computerized central planning, Pat Devine, Fikret Adaman, Michael Albert, Robin Hahnel, Paul Cockshott, Allin Cottrell.

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Democratic economic planning

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