Jérôme Elissalde

Practitioner in knowledge transfer, knowledge mobilization and management and then strategic learning, Jérôme Elissalde has worked for more than 13 years in a wide variety of sectors (institutional, philanthropic, non-profit, municipal, academic and social innovation). He founded Perspectiv in 2019.

It now supports organizations and collectives to strengthen their efficiency. Through training, collaborative workshops, diagnostics and support, it addresses the circulation and strategic use of knowledge as powerful levers for continuous adjustment. Its main intervention contexts are change management, strategic clarity, knowledge flow and transfer, organizational memory as well as knowledge and talent management.

Jérôme Elissalde holds a master’s degree from Paris 7 University where he trained in the social circulation of knowledge. He also studied at the University of Quebec in Montreal in the master’s program in social and public communication during a year of university exchange. He is a member of several communities of practice in social innovation, knowledge transfer and mobilization.

He is particularly interested in organizational learning, the dynamics of communication and power in organizations as well as the recognition of tacit knowledge in collective projects.