Our Space: A Hub for Collaborative and Socially Innovative Work

Covid Update

It is no longer necessary to show proof of vaccination when coming to the Atelier. However, we ask that members and others who come to use the space keep an appropriate distance. Masks are not mandatory anymore. 

*Please note that while we upgrade our website, the Atelier’s reservation system may not work properly. If the online reservation doesn’t work, please send an email to atelier@innovationsocialeusp.ca indicating the necessary details (i.e. the name of your group or organization, the room you’d like to reserve, the number of people attending and the equipment needed).

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In short

3 Meeting Rooms Lounge Large Kitchen

40 Work Stations



Desk Types:
Hot Desks: Temporary desks for members who come for a few hours. Group Desks: Available for members wishing to work collectively on projects. Dedicated Desks: Available to Resident members and Atelier staff.

About Our Space

The majority of the space is dedicated to functional open concept workspaces that enable collaboration and coworking. Three group meeting rooms containing all the necessary equipment are available. A comfortable lounge area is available for work reflection, quiet breaks, or for more open work discussions. Additionally, the lounge area can be converted into a large event space for events like conferences. There is a large kitchen which allows for meal preparation and for organizers wishing to host large events.

More Membership Benefits:

Accessible Space. Free Wi-Fi. Free tea or Coffee. Black and White printing. Bike Rack

Our Meeting Rooms
Each room comes equipped with a white board, a computer, a smart TV, a keyboard, and a mouse.


Meeting Room A
(2-4 people)

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  • Members: $20 per hour
  • Non-Profits: $25 per hour
  • Non-members: $30 per hour


Equipped with:

  • Standard technology features (computer, a smart TV, keyboard, mouse, and remote)
  • Long fixed table
  • 2 chairs 
  • Chalkboard wall & chalk
  • Bulletin board




Meeting Room B
(4-10 people)

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  • Members: $20 per hour
  • Non-Profits: $25 per hour
  • Non-members: $30 per hour

Equipped with:

  • Standard technology features (computer, smart screen, keyboard, mouse, and remote)
  • 4 tables on wheels
  • 4 chairs 
  • Chalkboard wall & chalk
  • Bulletin board

Desjardins Conference Room
(20-40 people)

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  • Members: $45 per hour or $350 per day
  • Non-Profits: $50 per hour or $400 per day
  • Non-members: $60 per hour or $450 per day

Equipped with:

  • Standard room electronics (computer, smart screen, keyboard, and mouse)
  • 10 tables on wheels
  • 8 chairs on wheels 
  • Whiteboard, dry-erase markers, and glass walls (can be used with dry-erase markers and/or sticky notes).
  • Garage door can be opened for larger events on the 

The Desjardins Meeting Room is a conference-style room suited for both meetings and events related to social innovation. Ten tables allow up to 20 people to be seated comfortably, or we accommodate up to 40 stationary chairs by removing the tables. For hosting larger events like conferences, the garage door can be opened, giving your group access to the seating area of the lounge (refer to left image below). 

For regular workday business hours, we ask that organizers arrange any food such as catering services to be set up and eaten inside the Desjardins room in order to cut down on disruptions to members working in the collaborative space. 

Please note: The black fabric catering table featured in the first image of Desjardins room does not come standard with the room set-up. All images shown are provided to help spark ideas for organizers as they plan their self-organized set-ups.




The Lounge
(20-70 people)

Request the Lounge

  • Prices
    Members: $80 per hour*
  • Non-Profits: $85 per hour*
  • Non-members: $100 per hour*

*Available during evenings and weekends only. 

Equipped with:

  • 1 couch and 2 lounge chairs
  • Projector screen  

To request the following additional items, please let us know one week in advance:

  • 20 folding chairs
  • 20 stackable chairs
  • Stemless wine glasses 
  • Extra cutlery
  • Projector ($)
  • Speaker ($)
  • 1-3 microphones ($)

During evenings and weekends, the lounge can be transformed for socially innovative guest speaker events, panels discussions, book launches, documentary screenings and much more. Our members have utilized this space for a variety of events related to social innovation in the past including cinema nights, an indoor picnic, various Octopus Books launches, and key organizational celebrations to name just a few.


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The Atelier
(120-150 people)
The entirety of our highly-adaptable space is available to rent during evenings and weekends.


Members: $120 per hour or $765 per day*

  • Non-Profits: $125 per hour or $815 per day*
  • Non-members: $150 per hour or $960 per day*

*Available during evenings and weekends only. 


Reserve the Atelier

During evenings and weekends, The Atelier can be transformed for socially innovative networking events, conferences, guest speaker events, panel discussions, and much more.

Our members have utilized this space for a variety of large events in the past including the Ottawa Summer Feminist Festival, the Social Innovation: Beyond Buzzwords, CRITS Conference, and Synapcity’s Civic Bootcamp just to name a few.

Contact us to schedule a visit!




The Atelier is accessible from 95 Clegg St. Ottawa, ON. Located on the street level at Saint Paul University. This 5 500 square foot space is a dynamic and engaging co-working environment.




Main address: 
95 Clegg Street, Ottawa, ON, K1S 1C4

Mailing address: 
223 Main Street, Ottawa, PO Box 83, ON, K1S 1C4

613-782-3006 (voicemail)